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My own healing journey...

...started after experiencing a sudden and devastating loss of a loved one. The grief was overwhelming as I struggled with the anxiety and overall mental and physical burn out that came along with the pain. I knew that I needed to find a way forward.


I began seeking sound therapy as a healthy and alternative method to help with my healing journey. The sessions changed my entire outlook on life. I began to understand that beautiful vibrations exists within all of us--unique sounds that make up our body, mind, and spirit. We can use sound to allow that to be heard, and transmute the energy to a higher frequency.

Sound therapy has given me an opportunity to not only heal my own wounds and connect more deeply with my intuition, but offer new ways to guide and support others in navigating their own healing journey.

I utilize both mindfulness and vibrational sound and energy work in both private and group sessions. I begin each session with a vocal sound diagnostic.


My intention is to bring a soothing and calm energy to my sessions that is nurturing, nonjudgemental, and compassionate. I look forward to providing you with a space that encourages you to connect your own inner teacher towards healing, love, and acceptance.

I received my sound therapy practitioner certification from the Resonant Alchemy Healing Sound Program, and have studied closely with numerous other healers.

-Mindful Sound Journey

A group of singing bowls and yoga mats
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