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What is Sound Therapy?

Sound therapy allows you to experience the healing power of sound. During a sound bath, a variety of instruments such as singing bowls, chimes, drums, and gongs are used to create a deep, meditative atmosphere. The vibrations of the instruments bring about an inner stillness and clarity, allowing for physical, mental, and emotional healing to occur.


The effects of a sound bath can range from feeling deeply relaxed to experiencing an emotional release, or even an energetic or spiritual transformation. No two sound baths are the same, so come experience the healing power of sound and surrender yourself to the vibrations.

Why Mindful Sound Journey?

At Mindful Sound Journey, we provide an atmosphere where one can slow down, relax and be immersed in sound. Our sound baths are a powerful way to achieve a state of deep healing and relaxation. We use a combination of crystal singing bowls, drums, and other sound healing instruments to create a soothing, calming environment. During your session, you can expect to feel a sense of peace and a deep connection to your inner self. Our sound baths are designed to bring balance to the body and mind, allowing you to leave feeling restored and energized.

Mindful Sound Journey offers an immersive experience for you to tap into the power of your own inner symphony. Through the use of sound vibrations, your certified sound therapist will help you find your inner peace and balance.

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